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October 15, 2015 10:07 am Published by Comments Off on The Stages of a Translation Project.

Few businesses have the resources or the need to employ a team of in-house translators. Sometimes, even if they do, they choose to call in a language provider for their expertise in the translation field.

By entrusting your translation project to a language service provider like Aplingo, you outsource a multi-stage and specialised process. Our team and our translators carry out a number of tasks to successfully complete every translation project. We thought it would be useful to list them here so as to explain what is included in our quotes and how our clients can benefit from working with us.translation process

On receipt of your document(s) for translation:

  • We analyse your project and documents. For instance, we check whether there are several languages within the file, if there is any text in embedded images and if these words also need to be translated, which language or which regional variation of the language it is, if the text legible etc.
  • For some projects we have to extract the file’s content. This is usually the case with websites or unusual file formats.
  • If we receive an enquiry in a rare language, we make sure that we have the suitable resources for your project. Our translators analyse your material to confirm whether it falls within their area of specialisation.
  • We carry out a word count, check whether your project attracts discounted rates, and prepare a quote and timescale tailored to your specific documents.

Our aim is to understand thoroughly our client’s project specification at the outset. Our project managers always ensure that client’s wishes and requirements are discussed and agreed before translation begins. Requirements can relate to the intended purpose of the translation, preferred translators, preferred terminology, formatting, decisions to translate or leave out any specific sections, desired timescale and deadline or budget.translation stages

On receipt of your instructions to proceed:

  • Our unique network of professional, qualified and experienced mother-tongue translators enables us to select the linguists with the suitable expertise for your project. We endeavour to entrust our regular client’s projects to the same linguists for consistency purposes. The more documents they translate for the same client, the more familiar they are with the project’s specificities along with the client’s company culture, products and brand.
  • We liaise with our client and translators throughout the project and forward any instructions and specific requests.  
  • We prepare and send purchase orders to the translators.

They can then start translating the documents:

  • They research the subject matter, product or brand if necessary, and use any reference material provided by the client.
  • Q&A process: when our translators have queries about a project, we seek clarifications from the client. This helps the translators translate the documents accurately and in keeping the meaning and tone of the source text. When a project involves several languages, we ensure that the information is communicated to all translators involved in the project.
  • Our translators edit and proofread their final draft.
  • We recommend an additional proofreading stage by a second linguist if, for example, the translation is to be published.
  • When the translators return the completed translations back to us, we check them to ensure that the client’s requirements have been complied with.
  • Depending on the type of file, the translators or project managers might have to work on the formatting and layout of the document, so that our clients always receive a high-quality end product.

translation deadline

  • We deliver the files to the client
  • Our team and translators answer any queries the client might have on receipt of the translated files.
  • We prepare an invoice, process payment, keep a record of the completed project and archive your files (or delete them from our system, if you prefer).

With 22 years’ experience in the sector and experienced multilingual project managers, we can take care of every stage of your project, regardless of its size.


We hope this article helped you understand how a translation company manages multilingual projects and how it assists other organisations to translate their material.

If you have any questions, or if you would like to know more about our services, please feel free to give us a call on 0800 389 6571 or send us an email (translation@aplin.co.uk).

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